About Us – Our People and Philosophy

Custom Thermal Shades are made in Western Massachusetts. Each shade is specially custom made to your specifications by local people. These shades are not cranked out by the hundreds by automated machines, nor are they outsourced to factories abroad, but each one is individually constructed by one of our talented craftsmen in our western Massachusetts facility.

Here at Custom Thermal Shades, we are dedicated to creating local jobs, believing that the best way to help the American economy is to keep jobs in this country. Although it is true that it would be cheaper to outsource to another country (by not having to pay Federal and State Wage taxes, Unemployment tax, and workman’s comp, for example), we feel that to do this would not be in the best interest of our country, state, or community.

We strive to do business with companies and organizations that believe that we as Americans can work together to rebuild our economy. We buy all of our materials from American companies. Yes, it might cost a little more, but we think its worth it to keep jobs in America. We hope you see the benefit in that as well.

When you purchase Custom Thermal Shades, you can feel good knowing that you are helping reduce America’s dependence on imported oil, reducing waste, and keeping Americans working. Together, we can make a difference.

Michele Kenney
Founder, Custom Thermal Shades

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Founder's Statement

Many people ask me what got me started in this business. The short answer is: I don’t like to be cold.

You see, in 2001 I bought an old New England house. When I say old, I mean 1880’s old. It was not a lavish Victorian, but an old, cold Colonial mill house, which hadn’t seen much updating in the past century. The boiler was from 1910, as was most everything else, it seemed! After doing everything I could to help the situation: a new boiler; blown-in insulation in the walls and ceilings; and replacement windows…it was still unbelievably cold! I could barely make it one month with a tank of oil, keeping the house at 60 in the day and 55 at night. The boiler ran constantly. I would get up in the night to turn the thermostat down, not being able to sleep at night listening to it run constantly, visions of $20 bills flying out my windows. I wondered: What more can I do?

A friend told me about thermal window coverings, and told me they had been around since the 70’s. (I lived in a warmer climate in the 70’s, so I must have missed it). I searched and searched, not really knowing quite what these curtains would be like. Ultimately, I found a couple that were knowledgeable about these window treatments, and I commissioned them to make them for my home.

Wow! What a difference! Finally my home was warm!!! No more wind chill factor! No more blankets over doorways or sleeping in a hooded sweatshirt! My boiler didn’t run all night. And best of all, my oil bill was cut in half! No more panic that the oil will run out before the end of the month. And no more panic that the oil bill will break the bank.

I thought “People ought to know about this!” I don’t think I’m the only one in New England who likes to keep warm and save money. Insulation for your windows should be as common as insulation for your walls. Thus began the journey that resulted in the formation of Custom Thermal Shades. Help spread the word. There IS a way to keep warm and save money on heating and cooling costs. Custom Thermal Shades