Design Challenge

No Challenge Is Too Daunting!

Over the years with have face may design challenges If you have a situation where you think adding insulated shades or coverings, call us. We can solve your problem.

Case Study

A woman from a nearby synagogue called one day, saying that her office was always cold, due to a draft from a cavernous stairwell. Could we do anything to seal it so it could be unsealed easily on demand?

Chief designer Michele visited and, after scratching her head for a few minutes, came up with a solution that was simple but effective – a pair of Classic Roman shades with custom-designed, velcro-sealed openings to fit around the handrails. With careful measuring and the skilled workmanship of Michele and her artisans, the shades worked like a charm. On top of that, because it was a variation on a standard style, it was cost-effective – always an important consideration!

Special thanks to Stu Besnoff of Alpine Solar Heat & Hot Water for his help and support on this job!

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