East Otis Bungalow

Wide Pleat Roman Custom Thermal Shades

Man Sitting in from of Side Draw Shade

Jack and his son were concerned with the rising cost of heating their home and were interested in the money -saving aspects of the Custom Thermal Shades.

For Jack’s home, we chose Wide Pleat Roman Shades, mounted above the window, for all of Jack’s windows. We chose this style for the ease of operation- as well as the fact that it worked well with the style of his home. A generous 10” wall space was available above the windows, which allowed the sunshine of the Otis Reservoir to shine in the entire window height with the Custom Thermal Shades fully opened.

The shades all sealed on the sides with magnetic strips mounted onto the window trim, pole matched with magnets sewn into the sides of the shades. A metal weight bar ensured the shades fit snuggly onto the windowsill.

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Wide Roman Pleat Shade
Wide Roman Pleat Shade