For Love and Quilts

Custom Quilt-Top Side Draw shades

Sonny’s late wife Linda was an avid quilter, who left behind her legacy of the love of the craft of quilting. When Sonny contacted me about getting some thermal shades to help stop the draft from the large windows in their beautiful mountaintop cabin, I asked if perhaps Linda might have left a few quilt tops behind. To my delight, Sonny had three bags of quilt tops to choose from to utilize in his Custom Thermal Shades. Although it took some work to frame and craft the quilts to the correct dimensions, it was a labor of love to do this for Sonny to honor Linda.

These Custom “Quilt-topped” shades were made into our “Simple Side Draw shades” – which allow the shades to glide smoothly down a small plastic track mounted onto the top of the woodwork of the window or door. The sides of the shades are secured with hook and loop tape on the sides of the window or door trim, and where the double side draw shades meet in the middle, they are secured together with pole match magnets.
Sonny’s shades were installed just before a cold spell, where temperatures dipped well below zero for a couple of days. Sonny stated “They really worked well! The living room was warm. I was wondering how much clod they were really holding back, so I stuck my hand behind the (Thermal) shade at the door. I think I got frostbite!”

Thank you Sonny, for the honor of working with your wife’s quilt tops, now warming your room and your heart