Fun Patterns in a New Construction

Classic Roman thermal Insulated ShadeWhen Naomi reached out to me, her home was still in construction in an intentional community in Vermont. Although we had to wait for final measurements for curtain construction, Naomi was certain of what she wanted from the start.

Custom Thermal Side Draw Shade in custom fabric
Side Draw shade in Bedroom window

Given that her home was being built in a sustainable community- super insulated, south facing, and equipped with heat pumps, Custom Thermal Shades were a natural choice to include in her sustainable home.

Custom Thermal Side Draw Shade over French DoorNaomi had chosen patterns for her Custom Thermal Shades from Spoonflower, where any pattern could be printed on any fabric. Her choices were colorful and fun- reflecting a love for color, pattern, and nature.

Since the walls were plastered, we opted for side draw shades for all but the smallest windows in her home.

The four smaller windows were Classic Roman Shades, with fun patterns and big impact. What patterns could you choose for your Custom Thermal Shades that would be uniquely you?