Ian’s Great Room: No strings attached

Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades
Eleven Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades in Great Room

Ian was looking to cut his family’s utility bills with Custom Thermal Shades, but was concerned about having cords, as he has a young child. The Custom Thermal Shades were for a great room, which the family utilized as a living room. Surrounded by windows on three sides, there were a total of 11 shades needed; Ten for windows, and one for a sliding glass door.

Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades
Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades, shown open and closed

It was fun working with Ian, as his home was filled with unique textiles and treasures from many decades. Together it was decided that it would be best to choose a fabric that was neutral, so as not to introduce a new element to the room. That would allow the wonderful patterns and textiles of the furnishings to take center stage, with the Custom Thermal Shades sitting back and doing their job- keeping the cold out in the winter, and the heat of the sun in the summer months. Ian was able to find a great deal on the perfect fabric- a taupe with a very fine pattern, which complimented his décor and provided a cozy backdrop for family activities.
We even took the time to decide which was each shade would open to the left or right, for operating ease and plant happiness.

Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades
Two Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades, shown open

All of Ian’s Custom Thermal Shades are Side Draw Shades, which adhere on the stationary side with Velcro, and when closed, seal onto a magnetic strip, putting an end to cold drafts.