Our Custom Thermal Shade Styles

With so may style available, it is of often hard to decide. Below are descriptions and photos of all of our shade styles. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here for you.

Find Your Style

The Basic Shade: A blanket for your window!

Easy to install, the Basic shade attaches to your window trim on all four sides with hook and loop tape. This allows you to be creative in how you open them, either from the top, bottom, or sides. No cords mean it’s safe for use in the baby’s room. The commercial grade cover fabric is spot cleanable and inherently fire resistant… no harsh chemicals to worry about.

Our basic shades are a great solution for closing off a drafty door for the winter or buttoning up a summer cottage at the end of the season. Custom Thermal basic shades have been used in bedrooms, bathrooms, over sliding glass doors, skylights, and more. Basic shades are a great solution for your cold and drafty windows and doors.

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The Stagecoach Shade: Versatile, stylish and economical

Insulate while you decorate!

This smart looking shade can be adapted to be used just about anywhere, from windows in your home, on doors, or even in R.V.s! The cordless design makes it safe for households with babies and small children, hook and loop tape makes it easy to install.

The stagecoach shade can be folded for different looks, or simply rolled up to open the shade quickly. Hook and loop straps hold the shade open at the top.

This shade can be ordered with either magnetic or Velcro seal on the sides, so please specify. The magnetic seal comes with a metal weight bar, which fits into a pocket at the bottom of the shade to rest on your window sill. For windows without sills, measure to the bottom of the lower trim on your window.

The Stagecoach shade can be mounted either above the window, for an outside mount, or inside your window, for an inside mount. If you need help knowing which would be best for you, please read our FAQ ‘Inside or outside mount’ under ‘Choosing the right shade’.

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The Classic Roman Shade: Easy to use Elegance

Saving money with style

This handsome shade will compliment any room, whether traditional or contemporary, Colonial or Victorian, the Classic Roman shade will look at home in anywhere. This shade opens and closes easily with the pull of a cord, allowing you to easily let in the sunshine of the day, and just as simply keeps the cold night air out. You’ll rest peacefully knowing that your Classic Roman shades seal on all sides with a magnetic seal, blocking cold and preventing heat loss. A metal weight bar holds the shade securely to the windowsill.

The Classic Roman shade is available in either an inside or outside mount (see FAQ: ‘Inside or Outside mount’). Since each and every shade is custom made to your specifications, you can also specify either a left or right-side pull.

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The Wide Pleat Roman: the no-fuss Roman shade

A Roman shade that opens smoothly every time!

The Wide Pleat Roman is a Roman shade with pleat that is double the size of our Classic Roman Shade. It is recommended for either very tall windows, where you can’t reach the shade when it is up, and for wide windows of 6 feet or more. It is best if the Wide Pleat Roman Shade has plenty of room to mount above the window, usually at least 8 inches. This style shade is also appropriate for schools, offices, and place of worship. Our basic cover fabric is inherently flame resistant, making them appropriate for use in public places, without the fear of harsh chemical flame retardants. The no-fuss pleats have been very popular with our customers with handicapping conditions, making this easy-to -open shade the right choice for them.

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Simple Side Draw Shades

A quick solution to a drafty problem!

Our Custom Thermal Side Draw Shades were originally developed out of a need to create a simple solution to stop drafts and heat loss from sliding glass doors. Over time, we have realized the many great applications for this shade, including a “no cord” option for larger windows and in sunrooms, as well as over entry doors. Our side-draw shade might just be the simple solution for your cold and drafty rooms. 

Sliders are a wonderful way to enjoy passive solar in your home-until the sun goes down. Stop that heat loss by installing our Side Draw shade over your sliding glass door, atrium door, or French door. Some have even used our side draw shade to stave off cold air coming in from a traditional single door! Side Draw shades can open to either side, or both sides, for a Double Side Draw shade. Our Double side draw shades even seal magnetically in the middle, ensuring that no cold air can creep into your home. These fashionable shades can also be used over large windows, giving you easy opening without cords.

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Custom Quilt Top

The Art in Custom Thermal Shades

Our custom quilt-top shades combine traditional quilt-making with cutting-edge energy-saving technology – a marriage of art and function in the truest sense!

The examples on this page only scratch the surface of the beautiful and practical creations this combination has to offer. If you are a quilter, we’d love to work with you to combine our product with your art. If you’re not a quilter, but you love quilts, we can work with quilters in our area to create heirloom-quality shades for your 

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Design Challenge

No Challenge Is Too Daunting!

Over the years with have face may design challenges If you have a situation where you think adding insulated shades or coverings, call us. We can solve your problem.

Case Study

A woman from a nearby synagogue called one day, saying that her office was always cold, due to a draft from a cavernous stairwell. Could we do anything to seal it so it could be unsealed easily on demand?

Chief designer Michele visited and, after scratching her head for a few minutes, came up with a solution that was simple but effective – a pair of Classic Roman shades with custom-designed, velcro-sealed openings to fit around the handrails. With careful measuring and the skilled workmanship of Michele and her artisans, the shades worked like a charm. On top of that, because it was a variation on a standard style, it was cost-effective – always an important consideration!

Special thanks to Stu Besnoff of Alpine Solar Heat & Hot Water for his help and support on this job!

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